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Toyota Yaris Maintenance Required Light

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:10 am
Post subject: Toyota Yaris Maintenance Required Light

http://toyota.autoforumz.com/Toyota-Yaris-Maintenance-Required-Light-Sta-ftopict215142.html (Toyota Yaris: Maintenance Required Light Comes on When Sta..)
I've been driving my 2007 Toyota Yaris for about 6 months now. When I turn the engine on, the "maintenance required" sign comes on for a while. Eventually it goes away, but the light never came on before. It's been like that for about a day. What could be wrong here? My oil was changed last mon..
"Rin Tin^2 >>" ... If you had your oil changed anyplace other than the dealer, you may get that light. I get the "check engine" light if my gas cap isn't clicked into place a few times. (on an Ech..
It is possible that whoever changed your oil did not reset the maintenance reminder. Look in your owner's manual for the procedure to do this. -- Ray O (correct punctuation to reply)
What could be wrong is that you have never, ever, not even once cracked the owner's manual and read up on how to operate your car. Instead, you got in and turned the key and figured, hey, I know ho..
Shag, you're right on in your comment. I was guilty of the same sort of inattention to the owner's manual with my Avalon. The "I've driven cars all my life, so I don't need to read about my car..

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